Mountain Mentor

A Product Design Student Project

Project Overview


Design an outdoor experience app that helps connect adventurers with guides and combines main features from other outdoor apps to make one cohesive application.


  • Create guide profiles and a booking platform so users can book adventures directly from the app
  • Incorporate a filtering system so users can find adventures that best fit thier experience level and needs


2 Weeks-June 2023


UX Researcher & Product Designer


Miro, Figma, Notion


Jennie King (Myself)
Shelbie Wright
Beth Richards

Executive Summary

In June of 2023, I worked alongside two classmates to create an application prototype, Mountain Mentor. The duration of the project was two weeks. Our idea was to create an application that would help users who were planning trips connect with guides, maps, and information about the places they were wanting to go and the excursions they wanted to do. We completed research, user interviews, and created a prototype in Figma based off our findings.

My Design Process

Getting Started

Who are the users?

  • Someone who is looking to travel or plan an excursion
  • Adventure guides listing their services

What problems does our product solve?

  • Helps connects guides and adventurers
  • Provides maps, information, and resources for travel and activities all in one place along with reviews from other users
  • Allows users to track, journal, and rate their adventures

When or how is our product used?

  • When a user wants to find information about an activity they want to do
  • When a guide wants to advertise their services and book clients

Where does our product fit in their life?

  • It can help users plan their vacations or weekend adventures
  • Guides can advertise their services and book clients
  • Users have quick access to maps and information while out on trails without having to fold and unfold paper maps or seek out trailhead signs